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The Nautilus Drydocks Aquires

Yep! You heard it right. Effective immediately, the Nautilus Drydocks assumes the product lines and inventory from!

Mike Caswell and his team did a great job building up an impressive line of products aimed to serve the R/C submarine community, and I hope to further serve it by adding his expansive line to my own.

So, why did this happen, you might ask? Let's see what Mike had to say when he announced the sale earlier this week:

"It's with mixed feelings that I have to announce that I have sold the Sub-driver business. After some ten plus years of running the business and the forum, it's time to let go. I'm not getting any younger, and both myself and my wife have had more than our share of health problems. My sons run Caswell Inc these days, and they are extremely busy with the various ventures there and simply don't have the time patience or inspiration to master all the nuances of r/c submarines. In fact, every time they had a problem, I got it in the neck. Having said that, I've had a ball running Sub-driver. I made a lot of really good friends on the forum and in the flesh. I really enjoyed finding new products, setting up the forum and running that, banning idiots (a lovely sport), dealing with Merriman (Oh! Dear!). Yes, it's been fun. David and I worked together, we became great friends, throwing insults at each other at every opportunity, and I have no intention of stopping doing that. I'll still be checking up and giving him hell. So what's happening next? On Monday, we'll be packing up all the remaining inventory, and sending it to the new owner. The Sub-driver web page will remain operating, to take orders, but there may be a week or so delay while we do this transfer. There are a few orders in hand and we'll send out those in the next week. Anything back ordered will be picked up after the transfer. As for the Small World Models products, they will come on line in the next few weeks, as will some projects I was messing with like the X-Craft, the M1, Surcouf, the Blueback, Albacore and maybe a 1:72 scale British T Class. As for D&E (Merriman) products, there is a problem as David's house and workshop have been flooded out by the hurricane. He's going to be longer than we originally estimated, probably a month before product starts rolling out. David and I recently worked through our product range and eliminated a number of items that were time consuming to make, or not good sellers, so you'll see things like torpedoes have been eliminated. I'm really saddened by that because it was on my request (repeatedly) that he wasted lots of time developing them. And then you guys never bought enough! Ah Well! He'll kick my butt next time I see him! So, who's the new owner? It's someone you're all very familiar with. He's been a major player in this game for many years. I'm delighted to announce that Bob Martin of or has taken over the reigns. I wish him all the best in this new addition to his range, and I'll let him explain his vision for the future in another email. Thanks for all your support over the years. it's been a blast! I started this venture because my dad was a chief petty officer on HMS Sybil and he used to take me on board in Malta. I wanted to make a submarine because dad and I had talked of making one, but never got around to it. Well, I guess I did a bit more than that with Dad would have been pleased. Mike Caswell

At the time of this writing (November 4th, 2016), the inventory is enroute to my new facility down here in Naples, FL. By the end of the 13th, I hope to have it all unpacked and entered into my system, ready for sale. Theoretically, the new product should be up and running by then.

As you read above, Dave Merriman is conducting repairs to his home and shop and is, in all likelihood, about a month out on new product. He and I have been coordinating together on a whole new line of cylinders that should, in my estimation, be pretty darned awesome. Stay tuned for much more on that soon.

In the meantime, look for some exciting things to come very soon. If you're up to it, feel free to come over and visit and join in the discussion, ask questions, or just plain ol' nose around for fun.

Have a great weekend! You'll be hearing more soon!


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