SeaQuest kit sets sail!

It's been a while. Quite a while. Perhaps not a long time for a tree, but for a goldfish, it has been most of its life.

I am very happy to say that the SeaQuest model kit you've been hearing about here for the longest time is now ready for orders!

The kit can be ordered directly from the Nautilus Drydocks. The introductory price for the first 10 kits is set at $445 and each of those orders will get a free 24"x36" blueprint poster to sweeten the deal.

We are currently finalizing the full set of detailed instructions and hope to ship by Mid-March.

This new kit is the most accurate reproduction available, the master pattern having been created from laser scans of the actual wooden maquette used to master the digital files for the television program. Untold hours of research has gone into getting the details of this boat correct, and it has finally come into fruition with the help of two great fans, William Babington and Pete Hewit.

SeaQuest DSV in 1:300 scale

-40.25" (102cm) in overall length -Rotocast hollow resin construction, suitable for conversion to R/C or static display -Fully articulating rear fins with hydraulic actuation representation -Display stand with name plaque

-Fully illustrated instructions with detailed painting suggestions -Parts to display EVA doors in either open or closed position -1:300 scale Speeder included! (2.4" (6.2cm) in length)

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