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Fittings Kits - Rigged for Silent Running

Our line of fittings kits were designed to help the beginning modeler with the conversion of many readily available and cost-effective plastic model kits to R/C. They included a myriad of parts including cylinder mounting bulkheads, metal props, control surfaces and much more.

Unfortunately, the creation of all of these dozens of parts is a time-consuming and labor-intensive process. While not cheap, the prices we were charging were nowhere near what it was taking to produce them.

Thus, we've decided to torpedo the lineup and focus on other products.

As of right now, I've got a number of these fittings kits in stock. In theory, my site is up to date on inventory. Once we run through what we have, there will be no more made.

I know that this is going to make it more difficult for people to get into the hobby, but in all honesty, they were a convenience, not a necessity. Anyone with basic fabrication skills can reproduce what was in those kits, albeit with a lot of time and energy invested.

I'm really sorry to everyone who may have been counting on these to help get them started in this fascinating world of RC subs. Of course, I'm always here to help as I can in your journey.


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