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Nautilus Drydocks To Continue Precision Pattern Line of Kits

Over the years, Matt Thor developed and brought to market a number of amazing submarine kits. With a background in composites, his fiberglass work was exemplary and the quality of his offerings excellent.

As things tend to do, new opportunities arose for Matt, and he has parted ways as a vendor to the RC submarine community and will be launching a new company in the aerospace industry in conjunction with his son.

I was fortunate to have had Matt approach me and offer the line of Precision Pattern hull kits, with the hope that they'd live on in the market and keep our little hobby exciting for everyone. I was very happy to have worked out a deal with him last week, and the stock of sub kits and hobby radios will be working their way to me over the next few weeks.

The scope of products will include: -SubTech Marlin - new GRP offering of this iconic boat -1/96 scale US Sturgeon Class -1/96 scale Russian Oscar Class - originally mastered by Kevin McLeod -1/72 scale 571 Nautilus -1/16 scale Japanese Kairyu -1/48 scale German Type XXI The purchase also included a large selection of RC receivers on 75mhz, as well as a hefty inventory of the superb VEX 6-channel computerized radios. This inventory, coupled to mine, should allow me to be able to support the RC submarine hobby for years to come.

Keep an eye on my product pages. Once each kit begins to come online, you'll see the product pages open up for sales.

Thanks for looking!

Bob Martin

Owner- the Nautilus Drydocks, LLC

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