Update From the Drydocks - June 3rd, 2021

Wrecked cylinder gets a new lease on life

I've always been a fan of the OTW cylinders, so it hurt my heart to see this unit make it on to my bench. When it showed up, it was full of water and the cylinder was smashed. The main drive motor would not work, the forward servo was broken loose, and there was a myriad of other small things wrong with it. A few hours on the bench saw it back in fighting trim and it's back to the owner once more.

1/96 Kilo Thruster

As many of you know, the little 1/96th scale Kilo is a beautiful little boat, but there is not a lot of room inside for additional features. This owner very much wanted to have functional bow thrusters in this boat, and began the installation on his own. Due to the tight confines, however, working out the connection to make it functional was a bit beyond his abilities. I installed the motor in the forward battery compartments and a set of gears to drive the thruster. The cylinder now just drops down and engages. It should make for really impressive performance of this model.

1/77 Nautilus Redux

This is the initial layout as I work out a new methodology for converting the beautiful little 77th scale Nautilus to full RC control. This will negate the need for installation of a cylinder and make things a little bit more flexible and easier to install for the beginner. In theory, it will also allow for the installation of the beautiful setee couches viewable behind the salon window. Stand by for step-by-step instructions coming soon!

Type 212 now ready!

This is a big boat for big skippers! The 1st pull from our 30th scale moulds of the German Type 212 is complete. It is a really astounding boat with a massive amount of presence. Nearly 9" of beam will allow for the installation of almost any features you could possibly think of. The product is now up and available for ordering on my website. Be sure to check it out!

Last but not least, I had a meeting with my publisher, and my new RC submarine book, Diving Deep, is very nearly ready for printing! If things go well, they are guessing that in as little as 8 to 10 weeks, it should be up and available for ordering. Standby for more details!

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