Update From the Drydocks - May 26th, 2021

Submarine Delivery By Air!

We had the opportunity yesterday to bring two RC submarines from Naples up to Amelia island. These were a pair of builds for a customer, and he elected to pay a little extra to have me fly them up to him in my aeroplane. I certainly didn't need any convincing to get up in the air.

Logan and Gracie kept me company. It was a 2 hour flight up and a 2 hour flight back. My customer and his friend were there to greet us and gave us the Royal treatment with a tour of the area. Renee and I will certainly be going back in the near future for a vacation

El Cheapo Sub Hull For You!

I just listed this one- off 1/96th scale US SkipJack class submarine hull on my website. It was a proof of concept more than anything else as we tried a resin coating to smooth over the striations from the 3-D printing process. The hull measures about 32 - 1/2 inches in length with a 4" beam, making it the perfect size to tuck under your arm and bring to the pond or pool. Move fast as there is only the one to offer. More pics and info on my site!

SDV Getting Molded

I am finally taking the time to try and get this beautiful little SDV hull kit moulded and ready for casting. Once completed, it should make for an absolutely perfect pool model with an astounding turning radius and excellent response to pitch inputs. A very unique little boat and I'm looking forward to bringing this product online in the coming weeks. Stand by for more info!

Unique Hull Access Solution!

I had a customer stop by the shop to drop off a boat for me to look at. He also brought his completed Arkmodel type VII boat to show me. What I loved most was his unique solution for gaining access to the interior of the Hull and installing the watertight cylinder. The entire side drops down on hinges, allowing for unobstructed access. I love out of the Box thinking!

Bob surgery rescheduled!

For those of you following the news, you'll know that I had some bad news in regard to my cancer follow up. I need to go back for surgery to remove some errant cells from my abdomen. Originally this was scheduled to occur in October, however I have elected to push it forward to July. That will obviously affect workloads and scheduling. I just ask that you bear with me as I work through all of this. If you have an outstanding order, feel free to reach out to me for an update on your specific project.

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