Updates from the Drydocks 04-23-2021

Welcome to what I hope will be the 1st of many of my daily updates from the Nautilus Drydocks shop! I will try to post as regularly as possible so you can see all of the amazing things that are going on here.

Without any further delay, let's get started for yesterday's work!

1/72 Gato refit:

This is a beautiful Revell of Germany Gato class submarine that I received on trade. I gutted the entire thing and replaced it with a 2.5" diameter SubDriver. Final trimming should be taking place today and Lake trials early next week. This one is not spoken for yet, so if it's something that you think you might be interested in, feel free to drop me a line and let's see what we can make happen!

1/72 Skipjack

As with the Gato, I took this model in on trade from the same individual. The paint job is absolutely amazing, however the interior components were old and outdated. I gotta the interior in Tav started work to install a custom 3.5" diameter OTW dive module. This is going to be one kickass model!. If this model interests you, please reach out soon, as I don't think this one will last long!

1/48 German Type XXI:

This model was originally purchased from an exceptionally talented builder in Canada. The whole is 148 scale and the cylinder is completely custom builds, taking years to put together. It features dual custom piston tanks, automatic pitch control, retracting bow planes, and many other amazing features.

Unfortunately, if this is something that you were interested in, the bad news is that this one is already spoken for and will be going to its new home immediately upon completion.

I will be finishing up the cylinder refit today and hope to have it in the test tank for trimming period of things go well, we may see this in the water next week.

Radios, radios and more radios!

Most of you are aware of the critical low frequency radio shortage that our hobbies currently experiencing. Up until today I had absolutely no stock of these radios to offer anyone, which forced me, thankfully!, to explore the 2.4 GHz options. But more on that later.

I managed to find a hobby store about 4 hours to the North of here that had a tremendous amount of low frequency radio stock that I managed to pick up for a fairly decent price. This includes approximately 100 radios, though I am absolutely certain that many of them will be nonfunctional or incomplete. That syud, I am sure that I will end up with sufficient inventory to carry me through until our new 75 MHz radio option out of Europe comes into through ition. You'll be seeing these radios come up on my website in the coming week. Stay tuned!


If you guys follow my channel, you know that I am definitely a big sub guy, so this project is going to get me really excited! As part of the deal for many hull molds that I got out of Germany, I ended up with this 1/30th scale German type 212 mold.

This is going to make for an astounding boat, and we will begin to lay up on it today, hopefully finishing up next week.

This will be a product offered in the Drydock shop , so stay tuned if it interests you!

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