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Updates from the Drydocks 04-26-2021

A very eventful last few days!

Some of you may have followed my YouTube postings and you will have seen that on on Friday for the 1st time in 20 years, I ended up losing a sub in the pond, unable to retrieve it with my own resources. After 48 hours underwater in 10ft of water, and after employing the services of a professional diver, the boat was successfully recovered, none the worse for wear. Check out the video here:

Evaluation and repair of the cylinder took place yesterday, and aside from requiring a new battery, everything seemed to be in fine operational condition.

Redoutable static build

Some of you will be familiar with the 3-D files that I offer for the French redoubtable class submarine. That builds into a really interesting boat and it is a great size. I was approached by approached by a museum in Greece to build a copy of this for their display, and I have Jason working on assembling the pieces and sanding the hole down right now. Should be finished up in the next few days.


Having just upgraded my variable power supply, I now have my old one available if anyone is interested in it. These are great to keep on your bench to test any number of things without having to find a suitable battery. It has selectable voltage outputs from 3 through 12 V at 2 amps. $40 for anyone that wants to grab one for themselves . Let me know and I will hook you up!

Sjoormen Is now spoken for and I will be quickly running through it over the next day or two to ensure that it is in tip top shape prior to shipping.