Updates from the Drydocks 04-29-2021

Lots going on and just a few minutes to post about it!

New Skipjack 3D file set

Our newest 3-D file set is nearly ready to go! This is a 1/ 72nd scale US Skipjack class submarine set, suitable for RC or static display. This particular print is actually scaled down to 96th scale making it a really convenient size to tuck under your arm and bring to the Lake or pond.

Look for availability within the next 7 days!

USS Cobia is sold!

The infamous lost submarine has found a new home. The customers sending me his 75 mhz radio system to install in this boat, and once installed it will undergo final testing and get shipped out to him. Look for an overview video coming in the very near future!

1/30 German Type 212 Hull kit underway

The 1st layers of fibreglass have been laid up in the moulds, and this gigantic Type 212 is well underway.

Type XXI nearing trimming

This absolutely gorgeous German type XXI submarine is getting close to the point where we will be trimming it out. The cylinder has been a welcomed challenge to figure out and install in the hull, but I am happy to say that we are 90% of the way there. This boat will be wet soon! Look for videos, photos and other awesomeness coming in the coming week.

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