Updates From the Drydocks 05-05-2021

Sjoormen ready for her new home

This gorgeous Swedish sub found her way back to me after I sold it to a customer in Australia. After a few tweaks and upgrades, she is now ready for her new home. Water test went perfectly on Tuesday, and we are boxing her up tomorrow!

Ohio getting closer!

I know it has been a long time coming, but we are getting much closer on being able to release the 3-D files for the 1/144th scale Ohio. The big issue was that the files were so high resolution that manipulating them was a task that my computer was not exceptionally happy about. If things go well, I hope to have the prototype on the printers next week, and the files ready for release shortly thereafter.

Japanese I-400

I am really excited about this one! I completed The 3-D files for a 1/96th scale Japanese I 400 submarine. I did things a little bit differently this time, and went with a thicker hull (4mm) so that warping and distortion would be far less of an issue. This means a longer print time, but I think the end result will be well worth it.

Lots of print time on this one, so the final product will be a while in the works.

Stand by for updates!

Nautilus Crew in any scale!

I made the investment, and had the beautiful crewmen from our initial CR66 inch model kit scanned.

Now that I have the files, I can reproduce them in any scale. We swapped out our initial 1/77th scale Nautilus crewmen for these new ones, and we will be offering them in 1/48 scale for the new kit as well. These are printed in ultra high definition resin and they look absolutely amazing!

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