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Updates from the Drydocks- May 14th, 2021

Out of the shop!

Well it is that time again. I need to return to Houston for my biannual cancer check up. This time, however, I am flying myself up along with my flight training instructor rather than flying commercially. We leave in a couple of minutes for the 8 hour flights up to Houston. I'm really looking forward to the experience.

I will be out of the shop until Thursday morning, but if you have questions or need to get ahold of me, feel free to shoot me an email. I will be checking it regularly.

Japanese I400 parts nearly done!

All of the 3-D printed parts for the new Japanese submarine are nearly completed printing. I even managed to work out the files for a scale Seiran float plane that should really finish off the look of the kit. If things go well I should be able to start assembling it, along with a full build-up video blog starting late next week or early the week following.

Redoutable Update

The static display model of this unique French submarine should be completed on Thursday if things go well. I just barely ran out of time to finish it before I had to leave. All that is left to do is a final bit of weathering and await some line, and it should be ready to go!

RC Nautilus

This should prove to be a fast and unique build. Over the years I have put together dozens of fully functional remote controlled Disney Nautilus submarines, but this one will be following a slightly different design methodology. I am going to try out ready made watertight boxes rather than a cylinder. I am hoping that this could potentially reduce the complexity of the build as well as its cost. This will be a fully documented video blog build as well, so keep an eye on my channel for updates.