Updates from the Drydocks - May 3rd, 2021


Logan Managed to help his dad today by unboxing and checking the huge lot of radios that I picked up a couple of weeks ago. Each one was checked for completeness, battery, and package contents. While many of them are not going to be good for much other than spare parts, there is still a huge selection of low frequency radios from Hitec, JR., and Futaba that will help carry us through The radio shortage until later this summer.

Redoutable getting closer!

Jason spent much of the day sanding and priming this submarine hull that will ultimately be ending up in Greece in a museum. We are taking extra time to ensure that the surface finish is nice and smooth in order to make as beautiful aesthetic display as possible. Hoping this one will be done within the next couple of days if things go well.

Skipjack 3D files nearly ready!

This may not look like much more than a couple of black blobs right now, but we are hoping that these will be a beautiful buildup of the upcoming Skipjack files that will be offered for purchase and downloads within the next week or so. The black coating is tinted epoxy, added in order to help mitigate the striations from the 3-D printing process. I'm giving this a try in order to see if it is easier than the priming and sanding process that we typically use. If it works, I'll have a video up. If not... well, then this never happened!

A teaser of something to come!

For a long time now, I have been inundated with requests for the Japanese I 400 as downloadable 3-D files to print. I am happy to say that I am about 90% of the way through creating those files. Once that is completed, I will print out a prototype so we can ensure that everything fits together well. No ETA, but it's coming soon! Stay tuned.

Other projects on the bench include the finalisation of the Swedish submarine, which we hope to have in the water tomorrow. Also finishing up the infamous USS Cobia that was lost a few weeks ago for its new owner. That, too, should be ready for the water within the next day or 2.

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