1:77 Disney Nautilus Buildup - Step by Step Instructions For The Beginner!

Building R/C submarines is not a hobby for those with little experience in remotely controlled vehicles, electronics and fabrication. It is a challenge even for seasoned veterans at times. There is no bible or how-to manual out there to make building an R/C submarine a fast and easy process.

Well, in hopes of going at least a little ways toward helping people get their dream sub in the water, I've taken the time to document my latest buildup of one of our beautiful 1:77 scale Disney Nautilus models from start to finish.

This will be a series of long videos that go into every detail of construction, starting with basic assembly, setting up hull splits and hold down hardware, running gear, painting, trimming and much more.

The mere act of editing this long series of videos takes hours and hours of time that I could definitely use right now, but I feel that this is a worthwhile endeavor for anyone interested in this boat.

Chapter One is out now and will get uploaded to the How To section of my Video Page. Look for subsequent chapters to follow very shortly.

Click here to view my VIDEO GALLERY.

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